Laser Safety Glasses

  • $13.00


Lens thickness: 1.2 (mm)
Material: PC
Uses Anti-beam radiation lenses to save your eyes!
Frame adjustment: Yes
Functions and parameters:
  • 400-540nm wavelength,405nm purple blue laser,532nm green laser
  • The optical density [OD] OD4 +
  • 55% visible light transmittance
  • Absorption protection all-round protection
  • Laser green laser
The principle of laser safety glasses: 
Laser protective eye wear by light absorption principle: it is not selective for the light source, a variety of security diffuse light; on the incident angle of the light source is not selective, specific bands can be full protective laser and light, light and rapid response, decay rate is high, the surface is not afraid to wear, even if there are scratch, does not affect the security light.